How to Sponsor

Why We Need Your Support

The Council on Aging has been an independent, non-profit since 1974 serving Chatham County seniors by providing programs and services to keep them living at home longer and more safely.The Council is Chatham County’s main portal of entry to senior services, however we are not a County Department. The Council receives funding from Federal, State and County governments, but we must still raise a portion of our funding from private grants, donations, sponsorships and fundraising events.

Sending you a “Friend” Request

Being a “friend” of the Council with your sponsorship allows us to provide programs and services to more seniors, operate our two senior centers and develop our staff to be the best we can be.We are good stewards of your money.85% of our funding goes directly to programs and services. No champagne parties here!

​Thank you for your consideration!


Printed Newsletters 1400+

Emailed Newsletters 600+

Facebook 500+ Likes

  • White Ribbon-$200
  • Red ribbon-$500
  • blue ribbon-$1,000

 White and Red Ribbon Benefits  Plus

 Donor Spotlight in 1 newsletter

 3 hours of space rental at one senior center. Cleaning deposit of $75 still applies.

Ala Carte Sponsorship Opportunities

At each event you will have a display opportunity or an option to provide information on your business/service. You will also get acknowledgment in all publicity of the events including Facebook, website & newsletter.

Senior Games &    SilverArts

Prices Vary

Sponsor athletic events for our games. April 19-May 5, 2017. Contact Lindsay Hickling at 919-542-4512 ext. 228. Events held in April and May.

Annual Cake Bake Off & Auction

Prizes Needed for Winners

Since 1988, we have hosted the bake off with great success and nostalgia. Cake auction, music and best of all TASTING the cakes. Contact Melanie Girard at 919-542-4512 ext. 233. Held in February.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Gifts for Volunteers

Local merchants donate gift cards or other merchandise. Sponsors can also donate towards the cost of the dinner. Contact Rhonda Hampton at 919-542-4512 ext. 236. Event held in June.

Caregiver Appreciation Dinner


A dinner out for caregivers with their loved ones in an environment of respect and understanding. Contact Susan Hardy at 919-542-4512 ext. 231. Held in February. *Provide information on your business only.

Special sponsorship packages can be customized to meet your marketing needs!

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, call Melanie Girard, Development & Communications Director at 919-542-4512 ext. 223 or