Here at the Council on Aging, our staff puts in their very best and most respectable work in assisting our clients with the best care with the joy from their hearts. We work together to make a great team, and we couldn’t do it without each and every one of them!

Dennis W. Streets - Executive Director

Sadie McLaurin- Finance Officer

Brett Moraes- Manager of Western Chatham Senior Center and Program Operations

Faye Tillman- Assistant Manager of Western Chatham Senior Center and Activities

Pat Nevels- Finance Assistant

Susan Hardy- Community Care and Support Manager

Rhonda Hampton-Volunteer Coordinator

Vickie Cheek-Bridges to Care Manager

Barbara Woody-Program Data Specialist/Transportation Coordinator

Alan Russo- Meal Site Manager

Megan Coggins- Director of Development and Community Outreach

Teresa Wood- Kitchen Manager

Fredrick Taylor-Assistant Kitchen Manager

Lindsay Hickling- Manager of Eastern Chatham Senior Center and Wellness Program

Allison Andrews- Activities and Wellness Specialist

Julie Auler- Senior Fitness Specialist

Faye Brooks, Sylvia Moore, Bill Smith- Kitchen Staff

Carol Hammer - Western Chatham Nutrition Site Manager

Clyde Thompson Jr.- Facilities Maintenance

James Lynch- Facilities Maintenance

George Lee- Receptionist

Vivian Freeman- Receptionist

Judy Cruickshank- Receptionist

Doris Johnson- Receptionist