Health & Wellness Discussion Group 2020 (Live via VC)

  • April 14, 2016

Event Details

This event finished on 15 May 2020

For privacy reasons, Wellness Class members will receive the Video Conference invitation via e-mail. If you are new and would like to join, please contact Alan Russo: [email protected] or 919-542-4512.

We are happy to introduce to you our new Health and Wellness Group. It’s an upbeat, entertaining, educational, and informational gathering with useful topics, speakers, demonstrations and the sharing of healthy recipes, along with time for finding answers and sharing health questions and concerns. We discuss the use of integrative medicine combining Holistic and Western medicine, seeking the best of both worlds.

We are a group of people committed to staying healthy by studying diet and lifestyle and how they play into health and happiness. How do we change habits that are not beneficial to our quality of life, and what are the Holistic options that allow us to take personal responsibility for good health will be topics we discuss.  We will explore terms such as:  organic, natural, sustainable, whole foods and what they mean.  We will explore simple exercises that turn on our immune systems, keep our joints safe and happy, and mindful breathing techniques like the five elemental breaths. We have some excellent guest speakers who have presented demonstrations such as making tinctures, powdered herbs, and even your own healthy toothpaste. There have been fun field trips such as:  edible weed walks, visiting “The Honeysuckle Tea House” in Orange County, and recently “Bluebird Farm”, with more trips planned.

We invite you to join us, meet new people and share in this gift of better health and wellness.

The group meets the 3rd Friday of every month at 2pm. To sign up or for more information please contact Alan at 919-542-4512 or e-mail at [email protected]



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