Hiking Group w/Alan–2022 Spring (R)

  • March 1, 2022

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This event finished on 23 May 2022

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To RSVP, More info and carpooling call Alan Russo at 919-542-4512 or [email protected]

5/11 12:45 Leave for Botanical Gardens, 100 Old Mason Farm Rd, Chapel Hill

5/23 12:45 Leve for Umstead State Park, 8801 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh

Things to keep in mind:

• Wear appropriate footwear (This may include tennis shoes, hiking shoes or shoes with a tread. Also, it’s good to

have closed toe shoes, that have a back on them)

• Bring water, snack

• Dress for the weather, but keep in mind once you start hiking your body will warm up

• Hiking stick may be useful for hikes, but is not needed or required

• We have decided not to allow dogs on scheduled hikes. If you would like to take you dog on a hike, you can

always test out the trail on scheduled hike days and then see if someone else from the hiking group would like

to meet another time at the trail to walk your dogs.




Open from dawn to dusk every day of the year, the trails consist of two major loops, the Streamside Trail and the Oak-Hickory Trail. The easier Streamside Trail crosses Meeting-of-the-Waters Creek twice as it meanders through the lower sections of this site. The more difficult Oak-Hickory Trail traverses hillier portions. A diversity of hardwood and evergreen trees, shrubs, and woodland wildflowers thrive in these woods. Interpretive brochures and a trail map are available at the entrance to the trail. The trail walk can take from 15 to 45 minutes or more, depending upon the path taken and your pace.

Any season is a good time to visit the Piedmont Nature Trails. Trout lilies (Erythronium americanum), trilliums (Trillium spp.), dogwoods (Cornus florida), and redbuds (Cercis canadensis) are a few of the many species of trees and herbs that make this a special place in spring. In summer, the lacy green tree canopy provides cool shade for a thoroughly pleasant woods walk. The brilliant fall color of resident hardwoods creates a radiant setting for walks, runs, or picnics. And the quiet sculptural beauty of the winter woods provides the perfect setting for contemplation and exercise.




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