Say Yes!

Say Yes! Seniors Ask Why, Youth Experience Service

The Chatham County Council on Aging is pleased to announce that it has received support from the Triangle Community Foundation to strengthen ties with Chatham’s faith communities and especially their youth. The primary goal of this work is to engage youth in helping older adults living in housing needing minor home repairs and chores. It is also hoped that this inter-generational involvement will lead to mutually beneficial relationships among the youth and seniors.

Working with the Council on Aging on this initiative is Rebuilding Together of the Triangle, another nonprofit organization that is making a positive difference for seniors through the use of volunteers. Rebuilding Together of the Triangle is an affiliate of the nation’s largest nonprofit home repair and renovation provider. Examples of their projects include:

  • Repair of damaged subfloors and flooring
  • Replacing of rotten siding and trim
  • Replacing of leaking faucets, toilets and pipes
  • Patching and replacing of drywall
  • Building wheelchair ramps
  • Installation of railings and grab bars
  • Widening doorways and modify bathrooms for accessibility
  • Clearing of overgrown yards
  • Painting interior and exterior surfaces.

In the words of Rebuilding Together, “In doing so, we walk away from a home, usually in a day, with repairs that literally change the lives of our homeowners and volunteers alike.”

Rebuilding Together will provide much of the training of youth volunteers and oversight of work, along with adult supervision from participating faith communities.

What People Are Saying About Say Yes!

"Thank you for doing this. My girls had a fabulous time and want to do it again asap."--Volunteer parent

"This is really exciting and a Wonderful program for the youth to partner with!"--Reverend Suzanne Hultman.

"I had so much fun serving in our community” -- Ashlynn Hirsh (youth volunteer)

“I would much rather be doing this than playing Call of Duty.”--Ian Chavis (youth volunteer)

For more information about this project, please contact Ms. Wynne Fields ([email protected]) at the Chatham County Council on Aging, at 919-542-4512.